Frequently Asked Questions

  • A website created to transform your life by spending 5-20 minutes a day building on skills that will minimise long-term effects of mental health difficulties, and encourage self-development, giving you total peace of mind.

    PsychMeUp makes consultations and therapies accessible to everyone, from the convenience of your own home.

  • PsychMeUp is for people who want to work on themselves and identify their difficulties, to ultimately live a more successful and fulfilled life. 

  • PsychMeUp has created an easy to use training plan using psychology-based techniques that have proved effective.

    We also offer personal one-to-one support for those who would like more focused care. 


    PsychMeUp offers an insight into what psychological therapy looks like and reduces the associated stigma.

  • Our user-friendly training plan offers monthly resources to take steps into developing yourself, allowing you to achieve things from your life that you never thought would be possible. It will cover mental health related topics including:

    • Low mood, low motivation and feelings of depression
    • Worry and anxiety related concerns
    • The impact of low self-esteem
    • Stress management and maintaining an effective work-life balance
    • Letting go of difficult past events and emotions
    • Sleep, exercise and nutrition
  • A safe and non-judgemental space to explore burning questions about events happening in our society today. These can be related to local topics about specific communities, as well as worldwide topics. It will be run via an online webinar and users will need an account, in order to access them. They will be run by experts using psychological theory to understand the world that we live in. 

    Users will be asked to read specific regulations before every hot topic, in order to ensure that it remains a safe space. If someone breaks these regulations then they will be removed from the webinar and receive a warning on their account. If they break any of the regulations again, then their account will be suspended upon review. 

  • Users will get access to the introduction resources for free and then be asked to choose a plan:

    Core Core plus Gold Platinum Platinum Plus
    Training guides
    Training videos
    Monthly activities
    Email Support / Therapy
    * Hot Topics (coming soon)
    * Online forums (coming soon)
    * Monthly one on one coaching/ therapy session
    * Personalised monthly plan
    * Bi monthly one on one coaching/ therapy sessions
    * Weekly one on one coaching/ therapy session
    * Weekly Training Plan
    * One off / Addition coaching/ therapy session @ £70 each
    Price £8.99 £13.99 £65.99 £114.99 £219.99
  • Your membership payments will be charged to a debit or credit card on a recurring basis. If you accomplish your goals, or if you decide that support through PsychMeUp is no longer helpful, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

  • When you sign up we do not ask you for your full name or contact information. We ask for you to create a “username” which will be used to identify you. If you decide to start the therapy/ coaching one-to-one process, we will ask you for your contact information for emergency situations. This is also to ensure that your therapist does not know you personally. This is kept safe in the system so it can be used if your therapist believes that you or someone else might be in danger.

    Your therapist may request additional specific information about you as required by their licensing board guidelines. This information is kept strictly confidential and protected by our secure system and patient data protection laws.

  • You can sign up by clicking here.

  • Please contact us by emailing:

  • Please contact us by emailing: