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Business owners.

Ensure that the mental health of your employees is kept as a top priority, regardless of the obstacles that the pandemic has presented.

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Higher employee satisfaction, more motivated, and a healthier mindset.

Happy employers...

Employees who are more efficient, loyal and committed to you.

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    Core features – for only £8.99 per month:

    Short videos to strengthen new areas of your life.

    Short guides to break things down to make it feel achievable.

    Techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy and more.

    Personal and easy-to-use service paced around your schedule.

    Ask us questions to enhance your focus and understanding.

    We also offer – on request:

    Messaging service to accompany you every step of the way.

    1-1 sessions with qualified therapists.

    Webinars to discuss hot topics in society today

    Because it only takes 20 minutes a day to transform the story told about your life.

    What to expect from our services.

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    Train your emotional and mental wellbeing to overcome feelings of stress and worry.

    Hot Topics.

    Do you have burning questions about events happening in our society today?
    As part of your subscription get access to Hot Topics webinars and have your say within a safe and non-judgemental space via our online webinars, run by experts using psychological theory to understand the world that we live in.
    Tune in and ask questions on matters that are important to you.

    *Please note that there are specific regulations laid out to facilitate helpful debates, which you will be asked to read before every Hot Topic webinar. We value your voice so we ask that you stick to this cautiously.

    Gain direction and guidance by investing in yourself and opening up to endless opportunities.

    Our story.

    Why do we need to wait until things are falling apart to access help? It is ok not to be ok! PsychMeUp is a resource for people who want to work on themselves and identify their difficulties, to ultimately live a more successful and fulfilled life.

    I am an accredited Psychological therapist with degrees from Oxford Brookes University and University College London. I have extensive clinical experience and qualifications working in different therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, mindfulness and more. Working with different client groups in the NHS, ranging from adults with common mental health concerns, to children with physical health concerns like type 1 diabetes and cancer, it has become clear to me that we can all do something to improve our mental wellbeing.

    I am passionate about reducing the stigma of mental health and making services feel personal and accessible. Our world has evolved into a sharing community, with social media. We talk, share private thoughts and images with friends, family and even strangers. Yet, we still find ourselves searching for answers. Seeking help makes perfect sense, to maximise our potential.

    In order to be the best parents, the best teachers, the best care workers… we need to invest time to work on ourselves.

    I began to think:

    “We read self-help books and feel inspired but what comes next?”

    At PsychMeUp, we have the answer. Our easy-to-use training plan is designed to read like a book capturing your attention in the same way. It offers activities to take steps into developing yourself. And, we have split the chapters up by months to allow you enough time to pay attention and actualise the benefits of that area of your life.

    My brother and I developed this website during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. We were sat talking when I turned to him and said,

    “Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an online platform where people could access resources to increase resilience and come together in difficult times to avoid longer-term consequences for their mental health?”

    – My brother simply said the way only a brother could

    “So what are you waiting for…”

    Our vision hoped to be a way for family and friends to combat the everyday difficulties of life. It combines life experiences, with experience working with clients in the NHS, to help you grow into a more resilient version of yourself. We decided to open this support to you so that you can become part of our growing community and face difficult times together.

    Our vision comes from a desire to empower self-growth, self-fulfillment and ultimate peace of mind.

    We’ve got you and you can do this!

    Beatrice Cohen


    Don’t focus on being better, focus on being a better version of YOU! Discover what makes you GREAT!

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